Void Signal

Marc Heal of Cubanate

December 17, 2022 Void Signal / Marc Heal of Cubanate & C-Tec Season 1 Episode 51
Void Signal
Marc Heal of Cubanate
Show Notes

Industrial music legend Marc Heal of Cubanate & C-Tec chats about  the importance of confidence, his friendship with Raymond Watts, his work with Phil Barry, his book "The Sussex Devils," being a father, his history, writing and creative spark, his brief friendship with Gary Numan, the value of reviews and critique, Stoneburner, and the new relevance of industrial music. Features the debut of two (as yet) unreleased Marc Heal tracks.
Featured Songs:
-Oxyacetalyne (as Cubanate)
-Independence Drive [Unreleased]
-Foetal (as C-Tec)
-Split Second (as Cubanate)
-Limousine [Unreleased]
-Ashtrayhead (as Ashtrayhead)
-Model Citizen

Void Signal Intro/Outro courtesy of System Syn / Vuxnut.
Cover photo by Talecs Konzertfotografie - Alexander Jung, courtesy of Marc Heal.

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